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How to Achieve a Matte Finish With Epoxy

Epoxy is known for its durability and longevity. This makes it popular to use for flooring, countertops, artwork, jewelry, and more. Another property that epoxy is known for is the high gloss finish it has. When epoxy cures, it is very shiny. 

However, you may not always want a high gloss finish for your project, and epoxy is not like paint. You cannot just go to the store and purchase a satin or matte finish. Fortunately, if you want the durability and longevity of epoxy with the matte finish look, there is a way to achieve this! 

Here is how to achieve a matte finish with epoxy.

Epoxy Installation

When it comes to installing your epoxy, you follow all the usual steps. You prep the area, making sure it is free from all dirt and debris. Use a primer if needed. Mix your epoxy and add any color additives you are using, then pour it and spread it over the surface or paint it on. If you want more than one coat of epoxy, this is the time to do that as well. Then, wait at least 72 hours before taking the steps to make the finish a matte finish.

Getting the Matte Finish

To get the matte finish you desire, you need to sand your handiwork. Light sanding is all that is necessary, just enough to rough up the surface. Depending on the size of the area, you can use a floor sander, orbital handheld sander, or a sanding block. It is important you wear a mask while sanding, so you do not breath in the fine particles being released into the air.

Once you have completely sanded the area, it is time to clean it up again. Make sure the area is completely clear of the debris left behind by sanding. Vacuum, sweep, and mop as needed. Once the area is clean and dry, it is time to apply a matte or satin finish varnish to the area. You can use a roller or paintbrush, or a combination of both to coat the area you are working with. Wait for the varnish to dry, and you have a gorgeous matte finish!

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